AMKOY 5/10pcs 32/72/105 las Células de las Plántulas Bandeja de Arranque de la Fuerza Adicional de Germinación de la Semilla de la Planta de Macetas de Flores Vivero Crecer Cuadro de Jardín

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Acabado Recubierto De PlásticoTipo De Conjunto De SíNúmero De Modelo Crecimiento De Las BandejasTipo De Plástico PolyresinFeature2 la semilla bandeja de arranquePodadora Tipo YUNQUEMaterial De plásticoTipo de Macetas OriginalesEs El Dispositivo Inteligente Nocolor negroCaracterística1 La Semilla Starter KitOrigen CN(Origen)

Etiquetas: bonsai, verde semillas de flores, brotan de la bandeja, bote, las plantas de macetas, PLANTA, varanda, maceta de flores, semilla de la planta, cuadro amacnaminto.

Sanforte 2020-10-07

These were perfect for my cactus seeds and are exactly what I needed! The trays are large and hold so many seedling cups. They have one drainage hole in the bottom of each which is perfect for harvesting. The tray is very thick and sturdy- you can easily carry it with one hand without it bending or flopping. I also like that the squares are compact so you aren’t wasting tons of room when the sprout. I will definitely buy more of these the quality is so much better then the flimsy ones found at greenhouses.

Sergey1973ivanov 2020-10-07

Fantastic product!

An Ranjan S 2020-09-03

I use them to start seeds in my green house. love them alot

Allholes4bwc 2020-12-08

The goods came well wrapped in bubble film, but everything is exactly received a defect during transportation, in the rest corresponds to the description

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